404EVER Graphical User Interface Version

This is a preview of the first page of the upcoming GUI Version OF 404EVER… I’ve been working really hard on this! It’s been fun creating a full visual version of the story.

As you might be able to tell, this graphic novel will not be a strict adaptation of the story. The comic begins the same way as the book with Echo in bed parsing the memory of her mysterious encounter with Halo. However, I’m introducing some details that are unveiled later in the book (a bit of her past lifestyle, Katja, Gobo, and more) in the opening dream. There will be a lot of little differences in the narrative, hopefully it will be fun to read alongside the book serial.

Drawing comics is hard! I’ve tried to adhere to the traditional method as much as I possibly can. I’ve certainly been humbled many times over throughout this process.

After enough pages have built up, I’ll release the first full issue on here. I know Substack is doing a comics imprint, maybe I can find a way in on that once it happens. But who knows! I’ll be handing out physical copies of the first set of pages at an art gallery show in September. Details soon.

Thank you for reading/viewing, everyone! The next serial episode will be coming soon. Halo offers Echo some private dox, in the hopes that Echo will agree to join the raid with her.