Release Announcement for Episode 01 Zine

Welcome to the Public Access Zone. Some users call it The Paz, the Lower Levels, or simply the slums. The more cynical among us have started calling it The g00glag. But the one thing no one ever wants to call it, is home. A sprawling patchwork of angular frames, jagged edges, broken images. A strobing, 2 frame loop of pain and pleasure, a city eternally under construction yet going nowhere. Everything you could want inside windows too high to reach, glowing above a jet-black background of misery. In this corrupted network, millions of lost users spend their sad lives following beautiful streams of low-res advertisement gifs; scrolling down dead linkways deeper into hell…

404EVER is a cyber-noir story that chronicles the chaotic life of the user known as Echo Lunaris; a typical dialpunk who’s recently been downscaled to the slums of Geo-City One. The kind of low level city where appearances are filtered, connections are unstable, chat is cheap, and violence is free. And just when she’s finally getting locked into the chaotic BPS of the city, an alluring and mysterious anon girl appears with a new job class offer… A gig that might be too big to save.

Episode 01 will feature art by @Hitrisisters and Lordess Foudre. New zines will come out each month, with art and music by various new artists. The first episode will be available for free. Subscribers will get access to additional content going forward. Everything from exclusive art, to in-world excerpts, to music, to behind the scenes materials.

Episode 01 is rated Internet-18, for profanity and some adult content.