404EVER: Graphic Novel Update

Some new art for you all!

(As always, this will look better if you go to my Substack instead of viewing the e-mail)

I wanted to share this promotional illustration and possible cover for THE PHANTOM PLEASURE (The 404EVER Graphic Novel).

This was incredibly fun to digitally paint and shade. I made the characters look a bit cuter here than they do in the actual comic, but I’m OK with some variation when it comes to promotional artwork. In fact, I think I’ll still work with other artists for that kind of thing… I love how others interpret the 404EVER world.

I’m particularly happy with the way Echo’s Synth Suit texture came out. Also, I think this color scheme really captures the blurry halogen tone of GEO-CITY ONE. In the graphic novel, it’s explicit that Echo lives in the Altair Mall Complex, an out-of-use underground shopping district ravaged by violence and despair. It’s a labyrinth of twisted steel and broken concrete, lit only by pop-up advertisements.

I’m redesigning and re-illustrating the set of pages for the first release. I want to make sure that the art looks as dynamic and detailed as possible. I’m working extremely hard on this for you all, I want to make sure it lives up or hopefully surpasses expectations. The comic book is a fantastic medium, and I just wasn’t pushing it enough with the artwork before. It was far too safe.

For example:

This is how the first panel appears in the obsolete original version. It’s a perfectly fine drawing, but it’s not very interesting to look at. It’s extremely flat… I don’t think it captures the texture and personality of GEO-CITY ONE well at all. Now take a look at the same panel, as I’ve redrawn it for the new version of 404EVER:

This isn’t totally finished yet (I’m still drawing some effects/junk/signs and details), but you should be able to get the idea. The perspective is now way more dynamic. Echo’s downtrodden facial expression and Synth Suit is more accurate to her original design. The low industrial ceiling, the jagged concrete and rusted steel, the corporate lobby style floor… The general feel of the city is really captured in the new artwork. Also, since this panel is actually Echo’s corrupted memory of the event, a ghostly, televised projection of Halo makes more sense; but I don’t want to give too much away yet!

I really hope this new artwork will make you feel like you’re a part of the 404EVER world as you read. More to come soon! Thank you all for the love and support, it means so much.